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Common Issues

Our law office will assist in everything needed to move people from the chaos caused by unexpected trauma to a more normal existence. Of course the death of a loved one or permanent injury will prevent life from ever returning to normal. We do all we can to at least resolve the legal/money issues in all cases. Some of the early
questions clients may have include:
      1. How to handle property damage issues in a car accident.
      2. Where medical bills get sent and issues of subrogation.
      3. What is the timetable for recovery.
      4. What are options in short and long term if not able to work.
      5. What elements of damage are compensable.
      6. What policies are available and which insurance coverages apply.
      7. How does coverage from one affect another.
      8. What is the likely impact of defenses claimed, such as comparable

           fault, assumption of risk, complicity, act of God, etc.
      9. Who has burden of proof on different elements.

      10. When the time comes do we negotiate, mediate or litigate

Our purpose is to explain the actions we propose and to assist in making the right choices from day one. Oftentimes the bodily injury case is more complicated than is apparent. It is extremely unlikely that
we do not have experience and expertise to deal with any issues that arise.

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