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Past Performance

Working hard and obtaining just results for deserving clients is the ultimate reward for a personal injury lawyer.


A sampling of some memorable cases include:

      1. Polk County jury verdict $937,000 in cervical fusion case with pre-existing but asymptomatic           

             cervical repair. Pretrial offer was $110,000.
      2. Slip and fall mediated settlement of $655,000 for lumbar laminectomy with complications.

            Liability initially denied.  First mediation resulted in a top offer of $195,000 which was declined.
      3. Motorcycle - semi collision filed in Missouri Federal Court in Kansas City. 
 Liability initially denied.

          After two Court ordered meditations case settled at 1.5 million.

      4. Polk County jury verdict of $67,000 for slip and fall after fifty-seven-year-old ex-marine waited

            sixteen months before seeking treatment for injuries. Pretrial offer zero.
      5.  Jury verdict Warren County for soft tissue back injury to twenty-three-year-old woman.

            Offer in mediation was $60,000. Verdict was $230,000.
      6. Polk County jury verdict for soft tissue back injury to eighteen-year-old woman. Pretrial

           offer $13,000. Verdict awarded: $110,000.
      7.  Jury verdict in Appanoose County for thirty-year-old man with knee injury adjuster then defense 

           lawyer argued was preexisting.  Pretrial offer was $8,000.00.  Verdict awarded was $65,000.00.

      8.  Recent Polk County verdict of $702,000.00.  Defense counsel gave opinion before trial that on the

           best day with the most favorable jury the most a jury would ever award was $175,000.00.

      9.  Mediated settlement of $750,000.00 on a Lynn County case that Plaintiff's first lawyers advised 

           was worth $200,00.00 at most.

     10. Settlement of $775,000.00 involving low speed motorcycle vehicle collision.


      These cases are a very small sample of cases worked on by Mr. Garver over the past 40 years. While very unlikely any claim ends up in front of a jury, the multiple experiences of jury trials and meditations help to properly evaluate each unique case.  The goal is always to assure the client is treated fairly and the money is a just amount.  The examples above represent fair and just compensation for good people with serious injuries.


It is equally gratifying to be recognized by other lawyers in the community.   Rob Garver has consistently been awarded the highest rating for competence in his practice area ad the highest award for his ethics.

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