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Attorney Fees and Costs

Attorney Rob Garver accepts cases on a one-third contingency fee
basis only. Fees are paid from the settlement or from the satisfaction

of a judgment entered upon a jury’s verdict. In addition all out-of-
pocket costs (checks written for benefit of the client - copying fees

for medical records, etc.) are advanced by the law firm and collected at
conclusion of the case.  No retainer is ever required.

In cases involving vehicular collisions Mr. Garver will deal with the adjusters 

to assure that all expenses are paid such as towing and storage.  We will 

also negotiate the amount for a totaled vehicle or assure that repairs are

acceptable. The value for any personal property lost or damaged will also

be collected for the client (cell phones, sun glasses, car seats and so on).

Anything needed early on will be handled including rental cars and instructions 

for submission of medical bills.   This is an area where attorney oversight is

critical to avoid charges becoming past due and sent to collections affecting

the client's credit.  There are firms that do not assign a lawyer to the case until 

it is ready to settle.  While this may avoid a lot of tedious work for the lawyer,

it may leave the client on their own to make decisions they are not familiar with.

It is not a good thing if you don't know what you don't know.  We will also assist with

filing gap insurance when applicable.  Another significant service is to advocate for

a vehicle to be totaled on close cases (if the client desires) and obtain money for

the diminished value of a repaired vehicle. Throughout the case our staff will work

to assure that the medical bills are paid as the treatment progresses. 

There are no fees for work on the property damage or medical payment issues.

Another service we provide with minors receiving settlements in excess of $25,000.00

is to open a Conservatorship as Iowa requires, obtain Court approval and finish up

by obtaining final approval and closing the proceedings.  We also work with the parents

to set up a structured settlement to provide for the minor well past their 18th birthday.

Again, none of this extra work is subject to any attorney fee. 

Mr. Garver is available weekends and evenings. There is no cost for initial consultation

and no cost for travel to meet with potential clients.Rob has also taken many out of

state cases, often involving Iowans traveling, and obtained admission to the practice

in that state on a case by case basis.  Our firm has handled cases in Minnesota, South

Dakota, Nebraska, Illinois,Missouri, Pennsylvania, Arkansas, Florida, Oklahoma, Texas

and California. 

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