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Ideas on cases and topics to educate and inform on PERSONAL INJURY & WRONGFUL DEATH topics.

Finally have launched an updated web page that will allow the sharing of problems and solutions, of triumphs and setbacks, and of stories of hard work and perseverance sometimes through the most difficult times in a person's life. You will see though these exchanges that

most lawyers who are dedicated to helping people in the recovery from a traumatic event are not

"ambulance chasers" trying to sign up the maximum number of clients and turn the files over in the least amount of time. Many of us genuinely want to help the person. In my practice I have remained busy year after year with repeat client or referrals from former clients, other lawyers,

judges, doctors and even insurance adjusters (on cases not involving their own company, of course). Those people coming to me by personal referral make up 97% of my clients. My name is Rob Garver. I have one office in West Des Moines. I do not report to any out of state boss. I begin working on your case from day one and will not refer the file to another. Although I have many previous clients who received very large sums of money I will not ask them to appear on camera to tell the world. I do not have a celebrity spokesperson or a slogan. I will not mail unsolicited letters and brochures to the homes of people just involved in a car accident. The practice of law for many remains a high professional calling. Using a direct mail campaign or

utilizing television and radio with saturation marketing based upon a name recognition strategy is not the type of advertising most injury attorneys would consider. Rather we encourage you to

talk to your friends, family and co-workers. Take some time. There may well be a lawyer you have never heard of and he or she may be the perfect fit to help you.

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